Slingshot Jamaica

The man behind the label is 34 year old, African-Jamaican Orrett Damion Neil, better known as "Slingshot". From the early ages of eight or nine, Neil has been on a musically journey. Started out as a listener to the music then evolved into a lover. He played a few sound systems, which encouraged a childhood friend who motivated Orrett to start making and producing music. Due to Neil's vast knowledge of the industry, music, and his way of articulating himself around others Slingshot Records Jamaica was born in 2010, and is based in Linstead, Jamaica. "I started the label with the idea of making quality music for any genre...Slingshot Jamaica is about creating quality music, vocal recording, mixing, mastering, composing products, and other services. Setting standards, while being involved in community engagements and helping to create a brighter future for generations to come."  

As years progressed, Orrett has collaborated with various artist within Jamaica locally and internationally. On his resume you can find artist like Ikamau, Narture, Hezron, Flashy B, Grammy artists Beenie Man, Pinchers, the latest King of Magnum Kings and Queens Bluugo, and many others.

He has worked steadily alongside former producer, engineer and composer of Penthouse and Shocking Vibes, Mr. Gary Jackson. Also, collaborated with Sidehawk records which is located in L.A. California. Behind Slingshot Jamaica it's not only Orrett that makes the light shine, but his immaculate team, that he works with every day to brainstorm, empower, and sift through ideas and goals for listeners, artists, singers, songwriters and their fans around the world. 

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Orrett Neil


PHONE: 1-876-250-1982





Jericho District Linstead

St. Catherine, Jamaica